Grammar Booster for OET Nursing

ELT Works announces the release of Grammar Booster for OET Nursing .

Beth McNally and Anne Mackenzie have combined their extensive English language knowledge, teaching and assessment experience and materials development skills across a wide spectrum of courses, including English for Academic Purposes (EAP for Nursing), to develop Grammar Booster for OET Nursing. Grammar Booster for OET Nursing has been designed to function as an independent resource or as a companion to Study Booster for OET to boost accuracy and communicative effectiveness in healthcare settings. Beth and Anne have written Grammar Booster for OET Nursing in consultation with nursing professionals to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content and terminology in the nursing scenarios presented in the book.

Grammar Booster for OET Nursing

  • focuses on grammar structures to boost accuracy and communicative effectiveness in healthcare settings
  • provides nine units of grammar presentation and practice and one review unit with answer keys
  • includes Grammar Boost sections to highlight the use of familiar grammar forms in nursing scenarios
  • features realistic texts, including Letters of Discharge, Letters of Referral, and medical incident reports
  • is designed for pre-service and professional nurses with a minimum English proficiency level of Upper Intermediate (CEFR B2)
  • can be used for self-study
  • can be adapted for classroom use as a supplementary resource in Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation and EAP for Nursing courses
  • This new title has been developed to be used either for self-study for nursing professionals or to supplement a taught course (EAP or an OET exam preparation course).

    Each unit focuses on specific grammar structures that learners may find difficult and provides a wide range of topic specific examples learners may encounter within their day-to-day working life. The book is clearly laid out and guides learners through each of the easy to follow tasks.

    There is a sense of progression, in terms of complexity, as you move through the book, ending with a final consolidation unit.

    We like the look of this book.  In terms of the learner, the font and font size are great and there is plenty of space for learners to fill in any answers.  The book itself is also not too large in size, so could therefore give someone who is self-studying a good confidence boost in a relatively short space of time.–Nick Edwards - Head of Sales and Marketing, Bournemouth English Book Centre, UK